RG Check is an accreditation program created by the Responsible Gambling Council based on the RGC’s Responsible Gambling Index (standards).  The program offers gaming companies the opportunity of an independent assessment of the quality of their responsible gambling safety net.


The Responsible Gambling Council has developed a Responsible Gambling Index for gaming venues over several years through an extensive review of current international best practices and problem gambling literature and consulting with a broad set of stakeholders.    


The standards are designed to provide objective and independent benchmarks for the content, quality, and breadth of ‘responsible gambling’ programs designed and delivered by gaming companies.  They represent the RGC’s view of significant efforts by gaming providers to reduce the risk of problem gambling among patrons. 


The standards define the expected elements of safety measures for venue based gaming.  Through the accreditation process and continuous improvement, they will inform gaming providers and the public about gaming safety features and promote a high standard of customer protection.   


The Responsible Gambling Council will continue to develop and introduce standards for other areas in the gaming realm. Standards that are currently under consideration include responsible gambling in Internet Gaming and Lotteries.


The RG Check program is administered through an independent corporation set up by the Responsible Gambling Council.